7pm 10th June  2015 CCA, 250 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow
Tickets are free but should be reserved HERE
15 in Gaza

15 in Gaza. ShurooqIn Gaza, Shorouq will soon be celebrating her 15th birthday. In her community this means compulsory womanhood, being ready for marriage, wearing the hijab, no more playing with friends in the street, especially with boys. Shorouq is an intelligent, socially engaging girl who can be rebellious. She is not ready to face womanhood as the war rages around her.

Directors: Wesam Mousa and Rana Ayoub 2014 UK, 25mins LINK

Over The Wall

In the year of the Arab Spring a diverse London-based team head to Egypt armed with a football and a desire to engage with local communities. International news unfolds around them. With events ranging from the siege of the Israeli embassy in Cairo to bombings in Gaza the boys quickly see that this tour is about more than just football.
Prod. & Dir. Matthew Kay & Jasper Kain UK 2013, 56 min LINK