Visit Dungavel, Monster of the Glen


25 minutes – Scotland, 2005

Imagine escaping persecution in your own country, running for safety – then when you think you can breathe freely, you and your children are locked up without trial.

A provocative mix of animation, drama, testimony, music, puppets and Guerilla satire, ‘Visit Dungavel’ is a shocking, funny, informative and moving series of short films about Detention.

Featuring guest appearances by screen-stars Gary Lewis (Ae Fond Kiss, Billy Elliot), and Cora Bissett (High Times, Rebus) and guest directions by Bafta-winning Actor/Director Alison Peeble (Afterlife, Sex-Traffic, Taggart), this film lifts the lid on Dungavel, Detention and Deportation.

Show it to your family, friends, and strangers.


Shorts Film synopsis:

The Removed (2:46 mins): How does it feel when the snatch squad come to your door?

Dungavelland (0:30 mins): Enter the World of Dungavel and find out how the turreted castle came to be a prison for asylum seekers.

Born in Dungavel (2:00 mins):Meet the Scottish Conservativepolitician who was born in Dungavel!

Even Children? (4:00 mins): The UK locks up over 25,000 asylum seekers every year: men, women, and yes, even children…

Suicide Watch (3:40 mins): Many asylum-seekers have been left utterly desperate. Why aren’t we listening?

Escape (1:30 mins): So how do you get out of Dungavel, Scotland’s only detention centre? Meet someone who has.

Sums for Beginners (3:50 mins): How much are you paying to keep men, women and children behind barbed wire – and who makes the profit?

Get on the Plane (1:40 mins): Scotland – a thousand welcomes, a thousand farewells – this is how we send asylum-seekers home.

Things to do in Scotland (1:15 mins): Take action now! Famous scots, past and present, show you how it’s done!