Those Left Behind


11 minutes – Scotland 2007

What is it like to teach in a school where pupils simply vanish without trace? How do you feel about losing your best mate at school, something you never thought could happen? What happens when your neighbour of many years disappears over night?

Those Left Behind speaks to some of the people who live in Glasgow’s communities where people disappear – without warning.

Those Left Behind explores the impact that forced detention has upon the communities in which Asylum Seekers have settled. The Vucaj family lived in the Kingsway community in Glasgow for 6 years, before they were forcibly removed. This short film gives voice to the people of Kingsway, a West Glasgow neighbourhood, and help us understand how deeply integrated and important asylum seeking families have become in the communities in which they have settled. It also allows us to see how traumatic & disturbing it is when friends and neighbours dissapear without trace.