Salud y Solidaridad – Scotland and the Zapatistas


21 mins – Scotland / Mexico 2006

Salud y Solidaridad / Health & Solidarity

The 40 indigenous villages in the rural Zapatista Autonomous Municipality ’16th February’ in Mexico, are in great need of a better health and education infrastructure. The municipality is twinned with Scotland and a number of solidarity groups who are working to raise money for local projects, and build awareness and support for the Zapatista movement in Scotland. For those indigenous villages, international links and solidarity are vital for their future.

In 2004 they asked the Scottish solidarity groups to support them in building their first autonomous health clinic. Showing its successful construction, this film made by Camcorder Guerillas in collaboration with members of the Chiapas solidarity group in Scotland is being used to raise both awareness and money for continued support of the Health Centre in Municipality 16th February.

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