Mordecai Vanunu – Live video interview


Filmed by Camcorder Guerillas in Israel and Scotland.

Mordecai Vanunu is a former Nuclear Technician who revealed details of Israel’s Nuclear weapons programme to the British Press. He spent 18 years in Prison in Israel including more that 11years in Solitary Confinement. He is also a poet and is regarded as a hero of the peace movement in the west.

At the time of Document Festival, one of Camcorder Guerillas members was on a trip to Palestine with a delegation from Scottish Palestine Solidarity Group.
A meeting with Mordecai Vanunu had been scheduled during the trip. Camcorder Guerillas took the opportunity to organise a live video link to coincide with a Camcorder Guerilla screening at the second edition of Glasgow’s Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Mordecai Vanunu accepted the live interview, despite being under house arrest and forbidden to speak to the press. Mike Gonsalez, Professor at Glasgow University was invited to lead the interview.