Our Films


Camcorder Guerrillas’ work has been shown at international and national festivals, in schools and universities . Our films are used by Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Oxfam, CND, Trident Ploughshares, Scottish Refugee Council, Citizen Advice Bureau, Christian Aid and many more.

Most of our films are accompanied by action resource packs on DVD, aiming to encourage audiences to come together to start or contribute to campaigns.

Camcorder Guerrillas films include Deadly Cargo (Tracking the Nuclear Warhead convoy),Those Left BehindVisit Dungavel – Monster of the GlenWhy close the G8?, Welcome? , Dear Mrs. Blair and more recently Skipping Dinner, an installation/performance and now also a documentary on the connections between climate change, industrialised food production, supermarket-based shopping and food waste.

In Autumn 2010, the collective launched our latest productions:

Petrol in my Food, a short origami animation examining the link between our food and its dependency on oil. Recommended by Eco Schools Network Scotland 2011

Skipping Dinner, a tasteful documentary on the connections between industrialized food production, supermarket-based shopping and consumer waste.

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