Previously shown 2015 WORLDSCREEN : Palestine

WS WEEWORLDSCREEN is a new monthly screening event brought to you by camcorder guerrillas and Document International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

All screenings take place in the cinema CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

Our first season – WORLDSCREEN : Palestine  – runs from January to June 2015 with six monthly screenings that will explore Palestine’s rich film and cultural history.

The season opened on Wednesday 21 January with Cinema Palestine (2013), which offers the perfect introduction to the lives and works of generations of Palestinian filmmakers while exploring the role of documentary film in defining Palestinian identity. February – April programme PDF

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Wed 11 February, 7pm Free but ticketed £4 suggested donation 15+

Encounter with a Lost Land

Through an artful montage of personal and consular correspondence, diplomatic and audiovisual archives, newspaper articles, and interviews with the children of Western diplomats who lived in Jaffa, Palestine, during the mid-20th century, filmmakerMaryseGargour takes us on an encounter with a lost land – Palestine from 1928 up to 1952 and beyond. The first-hand testimonies of life before, during, and after the 1948 Nakba powerfully recreate everyday life in Jaffa’s urban center during a fateful time in Palestinian history. A tour de force.  Dir Maryse Gargour (France) 2013, 62 min. more information

Wed 04 March, 7pm Free but ticketed £4 suggested donation 15+

For Cultural Purposes Only

In an age dominated by the moving image what would it feel like to never see an image of the place that you came from?  The Palestinian Film Archive, containing over 100 films showing the daily life and struggle of the Palestinian people, was lost in the Israeli siege of Beirut in 1982.  Here interviewees describe from memory key moments from the history of Palestinian cinema. These scenes are drawn and animated.  Where film survives, the artist’s impressions are corroborated.  This is a film about reconstruction and the idea that cinema is an expression of cultural identity– that cinema fuels memory.  Dir Sarah Wood UK 2009, 8mins  more information 

Introduction To The End Of An Argument

With a combination of Hollywood, European and Israeli film footage, documentary, news coverage and ‘live’ reportage shot in the West Bank and Gaza strip, the film critiques representations of the Middle East, Arab culture, and the Palestinian people produced by the West with an oddly wry narrative that mimics the history of Middle East politics.  Dir. Jayce Salloum/ Elia Suleiman Canada 1990, 45mins more information  

Wed 15 April, 7pm Free but ticketed £4 suggested donation 15+

Words : Walls

Part road movie, part performance video, part travelogue. WORDS : WALLS is a trip through the scarred landscapes of the West Bank with a group of artists – including two of Scottish poetry’s leading lights: Liz Lochhead (Scottish poet laureate) and William Letford – as they encounter the many and varied forms which resistance takes.  They left having barely glimpsed the struggle that is existence in modern day Palestine. Each had seen enough, though, to chance their view of the world irrevocably. Prod & Dir. Gregory Metcalfe Scotland 2013, 113mins more information